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Jubilee Community Enterprises

Social enterprise Lewisham


Our raison d'être

We believe that all of us have a unique contribution to make in this world. But as we journey we'll all face setbacks and we might just fall off the wagon along the way. 


We believe that the best way for us to get back on the road is by supporting each other, in community. Because tomorrow it might be me, or you.

So we create spaces, events and projects to support each other on our journeys. 

We're starting small, but we're excited about where we're headed. Come join us - it's going to be fun!



What we do

Is coffee the answer? Or cake?


Maybe. Maybe not. But we figure it's a good enough place to start. 

We believe in the power of food and community to support us all. Whether it's a coffee shop that becomes the hub of a community, beautiful cakes and that act as a centrepiece for a special event with friends, or the act of coming together with others to create and bake something new. The possibilities are endless... 

For now, we're dabbling in a few ideas - from pop up coffee shops to special events catering. Central to all our work is creating training, support and employment opportunities for people currently facing challenges. Check out what's currently on the menu: 



Social enterprise lewisham
Social enterprise cafe lewisham
South of the river


We're based in the London Borough of Lewisham and we're passionate about seeing it transformed. The local authority has ambitious plans for our communities over the next 10 years and we want to play a positive part in that. 

We held our first pop-up cafe, The Mustard Seed, in Downham in Summer 2016. We launched Bloom Bakery & Catering, our catering social enterprise in Summer 2017 and in Spring 2019 we rebranded as Good Measure. 


We're also on the look out for a new cafe home, ideally within Lewisham borough, but we might look further afield if the perfect home arises. It could be a stand-alone unit, or it could be part of another community spaces. We're open to ideas and inspiration.